Checkout a few of my works

Web App (Knockout JS)

Neighbourhood Map

Allow users to search for places near them and provide various details related to those places such as reviews, contact number, opening hours etc. Build using Knockout JS (MVC framework) and Google Maps APIs along with leveraging service workers. This project was built from scratch.

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Progressive Web app

Restaurant Reviews

Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree final project. Progressive Web app with support for accessibility. The job was to incrementally convert a static webpage to a mobile-ready offline web application. Users can add comments while being offline.

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Full Stack Web App

Yelp Camp

A full stack web app built using NODE and Express JS, MongoDB as a Database & Mongoose as an ODM. Authentication is implemented using Passport JS. Deployed on Heroku and MLabs.

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REST API that allows the user to create and manage Todos. Build using NODE, Express, and MongoDB. Authentication is implemented using JSON web tokens. Deployed on Heroku and MLabs.

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Node Js App

US Visa Questionnaires

I build this portal to help my fellow Local Guides to help them with their US Visa interview. My fellow mates who had gone through their interview or had some experience posted their question and how they responded to it. It helped many of my fellow mates with their Visa interview.

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MVC (Knockout JS)

Cat Clicker Premium Pro

Build on MVC design patterns using KnockoutJS framework. UI is updated instantaneously. There is also admin form to update data which in turns immediately updates UI. This projects makes use of Knockout JS bindings to update UI.

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Task is to rapidly developing Piggy’s React web app and bring the features that are already on the Mobile app to the web. I developed Piggy’s ​Homepage​ from the ground up, taking care of frontend best practices, performance and integrating Gulp. Using React & Redux I also developed Financial Calculators​, Contact page​ and features such ​Employment Provident Fund Track, Portfolio Analytics for the web.