Nimesh Jain

Udaipur City· India · +91-902-444-2096 ·

Hello! I'm a frontend web developer and a mobile web specialist, I have experience in React JS and have built Progressive web apps. I love to do performance optimization for web and believe in building web more responsibly. I'm currently doing an internship as a frontend developer at ​HackerRank. In past I had also worked with Piggy​ (Valuevest Technologies) - an ex Y Combinator FinTech startup. Frontend development is my thing.


Frontend Web Developer Intern

Curretnly working on HackerRank's commmunity platform

Few of my developments at HackerRank includes

January 2019 - Present

Frontend Web Developer Intern

Rapidly developing Piggy’s React web app and bring the features that are already on the Mobile app to the web. I developed Piggy’s Homepage from the ground up, taking care of frontend best practices, performance and integrating Gulp. Along with getting hands on React & Redux I developed Financial Calculators and features such as Employment Provident Fund, Portfolio Analytics and Tax Saving for the web.

Few of my developments at Piggy includes

August 2018 - December 2018



nano degree
Mobile Web Specialist
May 2018 - December 2018

Sikkim Manipal Universty

Bachelors of Computer Application
August 2017 - June 2019


Neighbourhood Map

Allow users to search for places near them and provide various details related to those places such as reviews, contact number, opening hours etc. Build using Knockout JS (MVC framework) and Google Maps APIs along with leveraging service workers. This project was built from scratch.


Restaurant Reviews

Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree final project. Progressive Web app with support for accessibility. The job was to incrementally convert a static webpage to a mobile-ready offline web application. Users can add comments while being offline.


Yelp Camp

A full stack web app built using NODE and Express JS, MongoDB as a Database & Mongoose as an ODM. Authentication is implemented using Passport JS. Deployed on Heroku and MLabs.



REST API that allows the user to create and manage Todos. Build using NODE, Express, and MongoDB. Authentication is implemented using JSON web tokens. Deployed on Heroku and MLabs.


US Visa Questionnaires

I build this portal to help my fellow Local Guides to help them with their US Visa interview. My fellow mates who had gone through their interview or had some experience posted their question and how they responded to it.

Node JS App


Programming Languages & Tools
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • React, Redux
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Gulp/Grunt, SASS, JQuery
  • Node JS, REST API development
  • Web Performance Optimization, Responsive Designs
  • Web Performance Optimization, Responsive Designs
  • Object Oriented Frameworks (MVC, KnockoutJs)
  • Web Accessibility


Apart from being a web developer, I love traveling and had traveled across many places in India. I'm a runner too :)

I volunteer in assisting various courses organized by ​The Art of Living Foundation​. These ​courses aim to relieve individual stress, social problems, and violence. It teaches people Yoga, meditation and gives them practical life knowledge. I’m myself a regular practitioner of Yoga and meditation.

Awards & Certifications

  • Google'S Reskilling India Scholarship

    Google sponsored my Udacity Mobile Web Specialist nano degree through this program. Only ​150 students​ across India were awarded this nano degree.

  • ACU Residential School

    ACU​ is a network of 700 Universities. I was one of the only 22 student leaders across the globe who was invited to attend their ​Residential School​ in Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. The aim of the program was to give student leaders practical means to promote respect and understanding.

  • Google Maps LG Summit 2017

    one of India’s top Google Local Guide. I was invited to attend Google Local Guide Summit​ 2017, California. I was among the only top 150 (out of 200,00) local guides across the globe who were invited to attend the summit. ​(View my invitation letter​)

Open Source Contribution

Stepper Component

npm package
A simple stepper component build for react. With over 136+ downloads in just one week of release.

Carbon Footprint Project

A browser extension t​hat displays carbon footprint information in Google Maps.

Udacity MWS

final project for Udacity MWS nanodegree
PR #102​ ​change old XHR code to use FETCH API and replaced tradition code to use JS Promises.